Find Your Safely Scent


  • Orange flower, sweet jasmine & earthy woods
  • Smells like a fresh bouquet with a touch of firewood
  • You are organized, a force for good, & always rise to the occasion


  • Lavender, coconut milk, & lemon, followed by tonka, rose, vanilla, & bois de gaiac woods
  • Smells like drinking an iced lavender latte on a warm sandy beach
  • You are calm, cool, and collected


  • Pink grapefruit & cassis, followed by rose, violet, amber, & cedarwood
  • Smells bright & crisp, with a sparkle
  • You are a ray of sunshine, a friend to everyone, and the life of the party


  • Rose & orange, followed by hints of geranium, white flower, musk, & cedar
  • Smells like a full bloom rose garden in the middle of the forest
  • You are an old soul, a true romantic, and one of a kind


  • Basil, mandarin & lime with musk, amber, violet and lily
  • Smells like a citrus tree swaying in a cool breeze on the amalfi coast.
  • You are sophisticated and fun, with a passion for adventure


  • Gardenia and tuberose with bottom notes of mint and sage.
  • Smells like Kris's garden in a bottle
  • You are a lover of fresh starts and embrace serenity