Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and the weather is finally just a little bit warmer. Do you know what time it is? Spring Cleaning time. The art of spring cleaning is one that every clean freak has mastered by now. While many of us see spring as one step closer to summer, our fellow cleaning fanatics see the changing of seasons as an opportunity for the ultimate cleanse. 

As self-proclaimed cleaning experts, we have rounded up the ultimate spring cleaning checklist that we recommend using yearly. 

Before we get into it, spring cleaning is much more effective when you regularly upkeep your house. If you aren’t there yet (it’s okay; we all have to start somewhere), check out our weekly cleaning checklist.

Spring Cleaning Infographic

Every Room Must-Cleans

Don’t wait around wondering where to start. Our spring cleaning list starts off easy by taking on the tasks that apply to all rooms. This way, you can use certain cleaning supplies more efficiently. Spring cleaning is all about cleaning those nasty places that you almost ignore during your day-to-day cleaning. This is time for your “low-priority” cleaning tasks to shine. Here are some ideas to get you started:

How to Clean Your Windows

If your kitchen window view is interrupted by watermarks and who knows what else, it’s time for quick cleaning. We’ve got a great technique that birds will curse us for. Our secret? It’s all in the cleaning supplies.

Did you know that glass cleaners based with ammonia or alcohol can create MORE streaks? Make your window care easy with a natural formula. In enters: Safely’s Glass Cleaner. This powerful combination of coconut oil, mineral salt, and corn-derived alcohol works together to quickly clean and penetrate oil and residue, leaving all your windows — clean, shiny, and fingerprint-free. With the proper tools in your toolbox, here’s the best way to get your windows oh-so transparent. 

  1. Dust or wipe your blinds
  2. Wipe windowsills and window tracks with our Universal Cleanser
  3. From six inches away, spray Glass Cleaner on the window
  4. Wipe the guck with a microfiber cloth or paper towels
  5. Wonder if the window is open or closed

Clean Doorknobs, Handles, Etc.

Think about how many times you open, close, or slam your door throughout the day. Unless you’re one of those people who pee with the door open, we are guessing you touch doorknobs a lot. If you weren’t already aware, doorknobs could carry a lot of nasties! A quick spritz of our Universal Cleanser should do the trick!

While you’re at it, go through the house and give your light switches some clean love too.

Remember Your Ceiling Fans

Hello, we’re up here! Your ceiling fan cranks out a lot of work for you on hot summer days, so give it some attention. If you have a visible line of dusty and dirt along with your fan blades, it’s long overdue. 

  1. Balance atop your tallest chair or ladder (friend or partner supervision is encouraged)
  2. Spray a microfiber cloth with Universal Cleanser until damp
  3. Gently remove all the dust

Clean Freak Code: The bonus of removing dust from easy-to-forget places (ceiling fans or windows) can help allergy-proof your house!

Room-By-Room Deep Cleaning Checklist

Now it’s time to give every room some special attention. “Spring-cleaning” is really about getting to the tasks that you always procrastinate. Obviously, we all procrastinate when we don’t want to do something, but the feeling of finally getting to these seemingly dreaded tasks can make you feel accomplished and squeaky clean.

Kitchen Cleaning Ideas

Listen, good cooking get messy. A seasonal deep clean is a must. Here are some cleaning ideas to get you started:

Do a Fridge Detox

We hate to tell you this, but nobody wants your homemade frozen muffins from 4 months ago. Chuck it. 

Clean Your Oven

Yes, this is a thing. Some ovens self-clean, but older ovens need the attention of our Universal Cleanser.

Bathroom Cleaning Ideas

Bathrooms don’t have to be dirty. Keeping up with your bathroom cleaning can make a significant difference and should be done regularly. Here are some things that you might not always get around to: 

Wash Your Shower Curtain or Bathmat

Some bathmats and shower curtains make it easy and are machine washable. If you have more delicate items, you may have to take the time to hand wash them. Our Everyday Laundry Detergent will refresh your bathroom with the smell of wildflowers.

Clean Out Your Cabinets and Drawers

Heads-up – your bathroom products sometimes hold an expiration date. You might be better off recycling that old bottle of Vanilla scented body lotion.

Bedroom Cleaning Ideas

If you keep things clean, it might seem like there isn’t much to handle in the bedroom department. Well, here are some secret things only seemingly freaks know about.

Flip Your Mattress

Rotating your mattress helps to prevent indentations, which causes your mattress to sag. A saggy mattress is a sad mattress.

Organize Your Closet

We hide a lot in our closet, and it’s time to let go of: your senior year prom dress, those “statement” pink heels you wore once, that top that doesn’t go with anything. If you haven’t used it in 6 months, say goodbye. 

Keep Your Supplies In Stock

Cleaning can be so much worse if you don’t have the right supplies to support your big checklist. We curated the Clean Freak Kit to tackle your biggest projects (no matter how nasty they may be).