When you hear “self-care,” you probably imagine yourself in a bubble bath, getting a back massage, or having a little alone time (if you know what we mean). While these relaxing activities feel nourishing and luxurious, self-care doesn’t have to end here. 

Just like how you give your body a “cleansing” through personal self-care, cleaning your space counts as self-care too. All the cleaning geeks out there know what we mean. We all have felt that satisfying feeling after scrubbing the shit out of your bathtub, leaving it sparkling clean. But the act of cleaning house itself can be therapeutic. 

If you aren’t convinced, sit back and let us tell you why cleaning (yes, even your toilet) can be a form of self-care.

What Is Self-Care?

Self-care is one of those words that gets thrown around a lot – so what does it actually mean. The “official” self-care definition is the practice of taking action to improve one’s health. Really, self-care includes whatever makes you feel good – this is going to look a lot different for everyone. 

Why Is Self-Care Important?

We can get so lost in our day-to-day or the chaos of the world it’s easy to forget to take a look in the mirror. Keeping up with friends, working towards that promotion, exercising, and balancing our diet – feeling the pressure yet?

An overload of work, family life, or school can leave us feeling overwhelmed and tired for sometimes days (or weeks!) on end. 

PSA: Start putting your mental health and physical health at numero uno on your priority list. How can you take care of your to-do list when you are rundown and overworked? Let’s start giving everyone permission to be a little selfish sometimes. 

The same goes for your humble abode. When we are uber busy, it feels like we don’t even have enough time to make our bed. The mess of our space only makes things feel more hectic. 

Types of Self-Care

When it comes to self-care, the world is your oyster. Maybe it’s a movie night, a killer workout, or a night with 12 solid hours of sleep. For us, the best self-care activity is throwing on our favorite playlist and checking off all the to-dos on our Weekly Cleaning Checklist. At the moment, most of us confine self-care to personal care, but it can expand to our home. Decorating, organizing, and tending to our space can bring the same benefits.  

Why does cleaning feel oh so good?

self care

A Clean Space Boosts Your Mood

We have experienced a pretty strong bond between cleaning and self-care. Could it be that wiping down your countertops with our Universal Cleaner is equivalent to a spa treatment? 

Well, for some, yes! Our space is an extension and reflection of ourselves. When we encounter major clutter, it can disrupt the zen.

We’ve got the receipts to prove it too! A study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that women with cluttered homes had higher levels of cortisol (your stress hormone). You probably have personally experienced this when you come home to a sink full of dishes or your little one’s toys all over the ground– it’s not exactly, well, welcoming.

If you are WFH, the state of your space is even more important. Think about how hard it is to focus while working on a messy desk. When faced with a cluttered or messy space, we are constantly reminded of an unfinished chore, distracting us from finishing important tasks. Having a cleaner space can boost our productivity. 

When our space is in order, we feel like we have more of our shit together, even if it’s just by a little bit.

The Act of Cleaning

No one can argue with the fact that a clean space feels more relaxing than a messy one. But the act of cleaning itself can do wonders in terms of self-care. The impact of your home cleaning routine can be similar to your self-care routine. 

Cleaning puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you a sense of control and accomplishment. Yes, you 100% should feel proud of cleaning your entire kitchen. With each sweep, wipe, and scrub we are able to become focused on the task at hand, letting our racing mind calm TF down! 

If we have learned anything from this year it is that life is unpredictable and we have control over very little. Cleaning and organizing our space fulfills this need for control that some of us feel. 

Safe Cleaning Routine

Using harsh chemicals and toxins to clean won’t evoke the relaxing feeling that cleaning should. Instead, it will leave you with a headache possible burning skin, not an ideal self-care moment. When we clean, we should throw out toxic energy and toxic products. 

Safely Clean embraces cleaning as a form of self-care with the creation of plant-powered cleaning products. We created formulas derived from all-natural ingredients, taking your self-care plan to the next level with perfume-worth scents. 

When life becomes inevitably too much, we support you to look after yourself and find the time to be a little or a lot selfish; this means reaching your definition of clean. Whether scrubbing is your kink or a little tidying up is enough for you, we want to make your cleaning routine safe, fun, and relaxing.