Someone’s got to clean. And, unfortunately, if you are reading this, it’s probably you.

If “cleaning house” is a form of therapy for you, congrats, keep doing you. However, the reality for many of us is that chores still feel like chores. Either way, your house still needs to be cleaned. Having a guide for cleaning can help things move a lot faster, helping you avoid the endless pit of YouTube how-tos.

We’ve compiled an extremely thorough room-by-room cleaning checklist, getting into the nitty-gritty. We are talking toilets, countertops, dishes–all the good stuff. We won’t judge you for skipping steps; pick and choose what you want and what you need. 

Throw No Doubt’s best hits (or really any playlist) on your speakers and get to cleaning.

Pst...In a rush? Got people coming over in T-Minus 2 hrs? Use our weekly cleaning checklist so one of your guests doesn’t use a dirty bathroom sink. Oops!


Weekly-ish Cleaning Checklist

Everyone has a different definition of clean, so take this cleaning checklist and do what you will. Deep clean or sorta tidy-up, we don’t judge.  You can even use this checklist to create a house cleaning schedule of tasks for the whole family (they will be thrilled!)

1.Throw In a Load

Frequency: Every Week, Day, Hour – how clumsy are you?

Any self-proclaimed cleaning expert will advise you to do your laundry first. You know the drill. Swapping out your laundry while you clean makes things so much more efficient. But how often you have to wash is the real question. 

  • Wash your sheets at least once a week to rid your bed of dead skin, sweat and dirt. 
  • Wash your towels at least once a week, but make sure you are hanging them to dry after every use. A damp towel breeds bacteria!
  • Wash your clothes whenever you need to – just keep your hamper out of sight.

Our Everyday Laundry Detergent is powerful against stains and grime but gentle on your skin. And don’t even get us started on the smell. 

2. Clean Mirrors, Glass, or Windows

Frequency: Every Week

A dust-free mirror makes an entire room look fresh. Bust out our Glass Cleaner for streak-free selfie-worthy mirrors, crystal clear windows, and zero watermarked shower doors! 

3. Clean Your Kitchen 

If you cook, you know it gets messy. Flour, crumbs, and dirty dishes. Getting a little dirty along the way is part of the fun! 

We’re all guilty of ordering take-out to avoid dishes. Save the delivery fee! Let’s get cooking, and once you’re done, follow this kitchen cleaning checklist: 

Wipe It ALL Down

Frequency: Every Day

A clean countertop makes for endless possibilities: baking, school projects, or a clean workspace. Our Universal Cleaner can get through the grime of any kitchen disaster. You can also use it to give your space a quick refresh – almost like a perfume for your kitchen. 

For bonus points, wipe down the outside of your fridge, microwave, and dishwasher. 

P.S. Our formula leaves out the toxins, so you can make the pizza right on the countertops without the worry of harsh chemicals mixing in with your food. 

Do the Damn Dishes

Frequency: Every Day

No one likes to wash their hands atop a pile of dirty dishes. Keep them out of sight in the dishwasher or stay on top of handwashing after you cook. Remember, the worst part of doing dishes is when they pile up. 

Make Your Sink Sparkle

Frequency: Every Week

If you ever come across an empty sink, wipe that down because it can truly be a rare sight in some households. You want a clean sink to keep everything else feeling clean: your hands, dishes, and food. Use our universal cleaner to get the job done–fast. 

Your Appliances Need Love Too!

Frequency: Every Month

How much do you use your microwave, stove, and dishwasher? The answer is probably a lot. Maybe you found extra time in your day, you need to stress clean, or your in-laws are coming into town; whatever the reason, here’s how to give your kitchen appliances the love they need:

  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Stove
  • Refrigerator
  • Coffee Maker

Phew, you are done with the kitchen. Call it a day or on to the next?

4. Clean Your Bathroom

Frequency: Every week

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be dirty! Especially if you stay on top of it. Nothing impresses more than a clean bathroom. It’s 

Make sure you hit all the important steps on the bathroom cleaning checklist:

  • Clean the Loo
  • Wipe down the bathroom sink 
  • Wipe down your shower
  • Clean your glass shower doors, windows, etc.

5. Tidy Up!

Frequency: Every Day-ish

The kitchen and bathroom take the most time and energy. Don’t neglect your other rooms and do a quick sweep of the house.  

  • Wipe side tables, dining tables, and doorknobs. 
  • Hide your shit or organize your shit. 
  • Dust, dust, dust!

5.Vaccum & Mop

Frequency: Every week to every other week

With all the wiping and dusting, your floors probably aren’t too happy with you. A cleaning hack? Vacuum and mop last to pick up all the dust, food scraps, and crumbs.  

6.Take Out The Trash

Frequency: Every Day-ish

Compile all trash from the kitchen and bathrooms and kick it to the curb. 

Pour a heavy glass of wine, put up your feet and bask in a moment of clean. We can’t guarantee it will stay this way for long. 

Keep It Clean

Cleaning the entire house can be a lot. Having an outline of what you need to get done can cut down the time and stress, plus you won’t have to worry about missing any steps. The more you get in the groove of things– the faster things will go! 

Fewer products equals less time. Our Clean Freak Kit has all the tools you need for your weekly clean-up. Our all-natural cleaning products actually work, keeping you safe without the need for harsh chemicals.