What makes you feel energized? 

My workday is like a jigsaw puzzle that I assemble and reassemble in exciting, new, different and challenging ways every day. With such an active lifestyle, I often refer to myself as a master juggler. I run one to two miles a day, usually at the end of the work day, on my favorite trails in the Hollywood Hills to energize myself. My workout regime is the one very special thing that recharges my batteries both mentally and physically. Something about being outdoors, the music, and the ability to clear my thoughts has such a positive effect on my outlook and completely recenters my work/ life balance. 


Who is your biggest inspiration? 

It’s actually three things. My mother who passed away many years ago was widowed at a young age when my father was killed in a plane crash. She is my forever role model because she showed me the importance of being prepared and self-reliant because you never know what obstacles and challenges you may face in your life. She encouraged me to develop a robust skillset and that hard work can take you a lot of great places in life even when life presents you with challenges. It’s similar to my favorite childhood book, “The Little Engine That Could.”

The spunk of “the little blue”, who was actually a “she” (and possibly subliminally painted blue to convey that girls can be as equally strong as boys) has always inspired me. From a young age I embraced the little blu’s “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can” mantra. This was also like “the soft whisper of my mother’s own voice” encouraging me in all aspects of my life. Just like the little engine, if we all start off slowly and continue to build our abilities we can move faster toward our goals and reach the top of the mountain.

The key is that everyone’s goals are different and it is important to not compare yourself to others which is why Audrey Hepburn also inspires me. Her iconic persona and style captured in the quote, “I just do my own thing” is a constant nudge that it is essential to be your authentic self in whatever you do.


What is your favorite scent? 

It’s Les Exclusifs de Chanel Eau de CologneThe juxtaposition of the top notes of lemon and bergamot with a hint of neroli make it both crisp and fresh yet rejuvenating and uplifting. I am also very partial to fragrances with notes of sweet vanilla and burning wood probably because they remind me of very homey things like yummy french toast and cozy times in front of a fireplace. Ultimately, the beauty and essence of a great scent is how it creates special memories and mentally transports you to so many wonderful places. 


What is your best advice for female leaders? 

I always counsel emerging female entrepreneurs that is a journey not a sprint that requires unparalleled stamina, resilience, hard work at something you are good at versus something you might be passionate about, and a solid business plan that solves a burning problem. You need to pour the foundation for your business structure by knowing your audience, identifying a niche or gap in the market, raising as much capital as you can, as you may not be able to go back to the well again, build your network as it lasts a lifetime, aim towards profitability versus unsustainable growth, be prepared to hear “no” often and pivot. 

I also counsel that the other key ingredient is you have to love to sell. Steve Jobs taps into this with his advice, "Most people never pick up the phone and call. Most people never ask, and that's what separates the people who do things from the people who just dream about them." Pick up the phone and ask but after you do, also follow up. Good manners are everything in business and life.