Do you have a junk drawer filled with old mail, paper clips, and random cords that you will never use but just can’t throw away? Or what about the chair in your room that serves as a second closet – and by closet, we mean a pile of half clean, half maybe clean clothes.

From working at home to cooking for kids, your every day might be hectic, resulting in an undesirable build-up of clutter. Sometimes it feels like as much as you pick up after your kids, significant other, or yourself, you can never really keep the surfaces in your house clean and organized. 

We’ve got the answer (one you may not want to hear): organization. For some, organizing their space is like second nature, and for those of us who can’t find our keys in the morning, we need some major guidance. 

Trust us, in the long run, organizing your space will cut down on cleaning time and stress. With an organized base to work with, it is easy to keep it clean. You’ll thank us later. 

Need to get organized, like, yesterday? Read our guide on how to organize your house in one day. If you like to take things slow, try a room-by-room approach and spread it out over a couple of days. 

How to Organize Your Home

Cancel your Saturday plans, throw on your comfy outfit, and maybe drag in your child or friend to help you.

Declutter Rules We Live By

Alright, let’s just start with some basic rules to keep you off that tv-show about hoarders. Rules, while not always “fun,” help keep you accountable and set an expectation. Plus, unlike your New Year’s resolution, these rules are easy to stick to as they are much simpler than a task list. 

  1. Throw out anything you have not used in 6 months. 
  2. Don’t move just your clutter around; put it away. It’s super easy to move your mess from point A to point B, but doing this will only cause a build-up of clutter you will eventually have to deal with.
  3. Don’t start organizing a new space without finishing what you started. 

Access the Situation 

Take a look around and mentally rank rooms from messy to clean. Start with your most disorganized room, even though it feels wrong. You don’t want to lose steam halfway through the day and be faced with the worst mess.

First, Purge

Grab those empty moving boxes, storage bins, or regular trash bags, then assign them trash, donation, and recycle.  

It can be hard to let go, but if you have to think about if you need it, you probably don’t. 

Create “Zones”

Tackling your messiest space can be overwhelming, so do it in chunks. For example, if you are cleaning your bathroom first, take it drawer by drawer. Or if you are cleaning your bedroom, finish your closet, then take on the next mess. 

cleaning tips

Using a zoning system will also help you finish important tasks first. 

As you move through each zone, fill your trash bags with all the crap you want to get rid of: old hair products, unwanted gifts, a questionable fashion choice, those random sauces that take room in your refrigerator. 

After you purge, you will feel a sense of relief and clarity. We will bet money that you don’t even remember what is filling those trash bags.

Personalize Your Organization

Just like how everyone has different definitions of clean, everyone also has different definitions of organization. We aren’t going to tell you to color-code your closet or label all your office supplies. Some of us will never reach this level of organization, and that is okay. 

Think about what works for your space and lifestyle then create your own organizational systems. If your kids leave toys all over, create a bin for toys. If your skincare routine ends up all over the bathroom sink, create space for it in your medicine cabinet. 

Similar items go together. The easiest way to organize to categorize, the same reasoning that puts all your pants in the same drawer should put all your cleaning supplies in the same cabinet or all hair products in the same place.

Everything Has A Place

It’s really up to you where you want your stuff to be. All we can do is give you this golden piece of advice: Give your belongings a place and stick to it. If all your belongings have their designated territory, you will have a much easier time finding things when they are lost and hopefully not even losing them in the first place.

You can even invest in tools to help you stay organized like a bathroom drawer organizer or fancy Pinterest hacks.

Beware of Miscellaneous

Okay, so you will probably encounter something that doesn’t fit in your new category system. Don’t panic–not everything fits in a box. If you create a miscellaneous box you will be tempted to throw things you don’t need in there, creating a hodgepodge of arts & crafts supplies and gardening tools. Even if an item doesn’t fit perfectly in a category, make space for it.  

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

By this we don’t mean stuff all your clutter in the garage and call it a day. We mean put all your possessions in their new designated spot. Fold your clothes and put them in your dresser, organize your skincare routine in your medicine cabinet, rearrange the fridge, etc. 

Phew, you finished...sort of. Organization, like a long-term relationship, takes commitment. Keep your slate clean by sticking to your system. 

Are Those Clean Countertops?

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