There isn’t much that tops a fresh load of laundry. Fresh and clean smells, endless outfit possibilities, empty hampers, what’s not to like? While getting your loads of laundry done feels amazing, it is only the halfway point in your laundry journey. Many of us forget about the other half: folding. 

It may seem simple, but there is definitely a right and a wrong way to fold laundry. Crumpling up your shirt into a ball and throwing it into your dresser isn’t going to cut it anymore. 

Folding your laundry the proper way can help you avoid wrinkles and stay organized! Plus, once you get the technique down, it can really help you save space while packing. Because if you are going on vacation, you will always need more space! 

How to Fold Clothes to Save Space

Before you even face your fresh loads of laundry, here are some tips to get you started. 

Follow the Flat Surface

First things first, find a flat and clear surface where you can get to folding. We recommend a clean kitchen or laundry room counter (spray with the Universal Cleaner if you have been getting messy). Feel free to pull up a chair if you want to get extra comfy!

Why use a flat surface? When folding your shirts, undies, or sheets, you will be able to get a crisp and clean fold, allowing you to create a flatter surface and save more space (and it looks pretty!)

Fold Immediately

We are all guilty of leaving a massive pile of clean laundry in the corner of our room. Sorry to say it, but this is a big no-no. It can lead to wrinkles, actually making you have to do more work like ironing or rewashing. 

The other pro of folding fresh laundry? Facing a mountain of laundry vs. a small load of laundry can make a huge difference. We recommend taking on your laundry load by load, instead of all at once. This way, you don’t have to fold and put away your entire closet all at one time.

Use the Correct Detergent

While detergent may seem far removed from folding, it can have a significant impact on how your clothes turn out, and how fast you can get the job done! Using a powerful but gentle laundry detergent (like our Everyday Laundry) can help you get stains out the first time around. 

We use a formula with coconut-oil-derived surfactants, plant-based surfactants, and natural enzymes to fight stains and wash away all the nasties. Plus, since our ingredients are plant-powered, it’s super gentle on the skin!

Our Ultimate Folding Guide

Ready to get folding but don’t know where to begin? Not to worry — we’ve got the complete guide on how to fold all your clothes!

How to Fold A Shirt

Nothing ruins your favorite band tee than wrinkles. Here is the easiest way to fold your shirts (this folding method works for both short sleeves and long sleeves): 

  1. Smooth the shirt on your flat surface/countertop. 
  2. Fold one sleeve and about a third of the shirt toward the back of the shirt. Repeat with the other sleeve.
  3. Fold the bottom of the shirt toward the neckline.
  4. Flip the shirt so that the front faces up.
  5. Viola! — throw that sucker in your dresser.

How to Fold Pants

If you don’t have the closet space, folding your pants correctly can be a game-changer when it comes to saving you extra room. 

  1. Close all zippers, buttons, and make sure your pockets are sitting properly. 
  2. Hold the pants vertically by the waist.
  3. Fold along the center of the pants, bring each leg toward one another.
  4. Fold the bottom of the pants either halfway or into thirds.
  5. Store out of sight. 

How to Fold Baby Clothes

There are many aspects to parenthood we aren’t prepared for. While changing diapers and making baby food may take the spotlight, you probably weren’t taught how to fold baby clothes either. Well, today is the day. Here is how to fold your little one’s onesie:

  1. Lay and smooth the onesie on your folding surface.
  2. Fold vertically in half, lining up the arms. 
  3. Fold the arms in.
  4. Fold from top to bottom.  
  5. File into baby clothes drawer— done!

How to Fold Underwear

Whether you choose to throw your underwear in a drawer or fold each one individually, that’s up to you, but for the clean freaks out there— here is how to fold your underwear. Remember, for super-duper delicate items (aka lingerie), make sure to hand wash and hand dry them, which helps to extend the life of your sexy time favorites. 

  1. Lay your underwear, boxers, or tighty-whities flat on your folding surface.
  2. Fold horizontally and halfway down. 

How to Fold A Socks

This one is easy, making it the perfect chore for your kids to help out. 

  1. Lay one sock flat, then top with another sock. 
  2. Fancy socks? Fold in half and set aside.
  3. Regular old socks? Roll the tops of each sock over each other to secure the two together.

Clean Freak Code: The hardest part of folding socks is matching each pair. We suggest investing in a laundry bag to keep your socks all in one place. 

Save that Drawer Space

Optimizing your space starts with folding. Whether folding a long sleeve or folding a onesie, using the right method can provide you with wrinkle-free outfits.