The art of the mirror selfie may not be as simple as it looks. While you may have mastered the right angle or pose, you’re probably forgetting how nasty your mirror is. Fingerprints, make-up, and watermarks might end up ruining your picture-perfect moment. You don’t want your followers to focus on that unknown smudge over your outfit.

Before you whip out the camera, learn how to clean your favorite selfie mirror. With our secret cleaning technique, we can almost guarantee you more likes and a clearer reflection too!

Best Way to Clean Mirrors

Mirrors can be extremely frustrating to clean. They seem to show everything, and we mean everything! When you take the time to clean them, you are left with a streaky, linty mess that is almost worse than what you have started with. 

Here is how to clean mirrors without streaks:

1. Choose The Right Mirror Cleaner

This may be the most important step of all. Cleaning mirrors is a bit different than cleaning your countertops. If you use an all-purpose cleaner on your mirrors you’ll end up with a dull and dingy reflection. You wouldn’t use your body wash to wash your face. The same logic to glass cleaners.

Finding a glass cleaner that will do all of the work for you will make life so much easier. Mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s the best glass cleaner of them all? The answer is easy: Safely’s Glass Cleaner.

We created a simple yet effective cleaning formula for your grimiest, dustiest mirrors. Our powerful combination of coconut oil, mineral salt, and corn-derived alcohol work together to leave all your glass surfaces—clean, shiny, and fingerprint-free.

Here’s how our ingredients seamlessly work together in our Glass Cleaner:

Coconut Oil: Cleans while reducing static and leaving a streak-free surface

Mineral Salt: Acts as a cleaning aid

Corn-derived alcohol: Penetrates dirt, oil, and residue

Not to be overachievers but we infused our Glass Cleaner with naturally uplifting scents to fill your space with the equivalent of aromatherapy. 

2. Use a Microfiber Cloth

You may have tried countless techniques to clean your mirrors, but what you are wiping them with may be holding you back. Opting for your usual paper towels can leave small flecks of lint that are impossible to remove. 

Invest in a flat-weave microfiber cloth for your mirror and window needs. We don’t mean just any old cleaning cloth, a flat-weave microfiber cloth helps ensure no debris is clinging to the cloth.

They help remove debris like dirt and oils without scratching the surface. Plus, they leave your mirror streak and lint-free. The best part? Microfiber towels are reusable. Throw a load in your laundry after a long day of cleaning. 

3. Mist

No need to drench your mirrors in glass cleaner, instead give them a light, even mist with the spray bottle. This will help leave the surface of the mirror streak-free. 

4. Try the S-Pattern

It’s all about technique. After you give your mirror a good spray of Glass Cleaner, use your microfiber cloth starting on the top left corner. Work your way down in an “S pattern” or zig-zag motion, ensuring you don’t miss an inch of space. This is the best way to clean your mirror without leaving streaks!

Clean Freak Tip: If you notice the microfiber cloth becoming too damp or wet, flip it over to the dry side and continue. 

6. Try A Different Angle

Sometimes we need a different perspective on life. Once you’ve finished cleaning, check the mirror from an angle to illuminate and smudge marks. When we face the mirror straight on it can be difficult to see what is clean and what is not. 

If you happen to find any culprits, spot clean by spraying the cloth with a bit of glass cleaner, wiping the smudge, then buffing dry. 

5. Clean Often

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a drag. The more you do it, the easier it is! We recommend cleaning your mirrors about once a week. Maybe more if you have really been feeling yourself lately.

Clean mirrors don’t only level up your mirror selfies. Bathroom mirrors can be a focal point of your bathroom as it is such a small space. Other mirrors throughout your house have the important job of opening up your space. Keeping mirrors clean and dust-free ultimately reflects back onto your entire space. 

Boost Your Selfie

A clean mirror can definitely upgrade your picture, but your messy countertops are now more apparent. Before you post, check out our quick organizing guide to look like you’ve got it all together.