It may be the clean freak in us speaking, but sometimes coming home to a clean house can be better than sex. A clean space can set the tone for your entire day, creating the perfect environment for what you need whether that’s relaxation or productivity. 

So, why does a clean space feel SO good? We are happy you asked, let’s break down just how a clean space affects your mind and body. Plus, we’ve got expert tips on how to keep your house clean. 

How Does Clutter Affect Our Brain and Body?

Many of us have “being more organized” on the top of our New Years’ resolutions, but have you ever wondered why? Is the stack of paper on your desk really going to interrupt your workflow? Well, you might be on to something. For some, clutter may have an impact on anxiety, sleep, and productivity. 

The Negative Effects of Clutter

A clean desk is usually the starting point for any big project, but why? According to a study by the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, having multiple visual stimuli in your view creates competition in neural representation. Basically, with more clutter, the more distracted you may become. 

Clutter is linked to many negative emotions like confusion, tension, and irritability, while an organized space is associated with more positive emotions of calmness. To your brain, clutter and mess can represent unfinished projects and lack of completeness which can really stress you out. 

Our brains like order (yes, even if you consider yourself a messy bitch). Constant disorganization can drain us, making focusing extremely difficult. Clutter can be quite debilitating when you are trying to get work on. A clean desk or home may be just what you need to get back on track when you feel overwhelmed.

Unfortunately, a clean working space or living room won’t solve all your problems— it is just one piece of the puzzle. While cleaning and organizing may create a better environment for you to live in, today’s world has many other overwhelming pressures: friends, family, work, current events… you get the point. 

While organizing your home might not be the end all be all, it can still be a crucial step towards success.

Why Declutter?

The act of cleaning itself may have a positive impact on your mental health. We actually believe cleaning can be a form of self-care! Why?

Well for starters, a clean space can be calming in itself. Think about it: would you rather come into a space with clean, sparkling countertops or would you rather walk into the aftermath of last night’s dishes, dirty laundry, and any other nasty things you’ve been up to. If this sounds stressful, you’re not alone.

We hate to break to those who may be messier than most, but a clean environment can even be a good indicator of good health. A study found the people with clean houses tend to be healthier than those with messy homes.

The act of cleaning can help you gain a sense of control and accomplishment. The act of cleaning can even feel pretty meditative in a way as it is very repetitive. Cleaning your sink or bathtub can be a way to take your mind off your friend drama or work deadlines. During your most stressful moments when cleaning sounds like the last thing, you have time for it may be just what you need to destress. Plus it allows you to start fresh by bringing a sense of order to your environment. 

The relationship between a clean house and your mental health may not seem as obvious as say exercising and your mental health. A study published in the journal of Mindfulness found that people who took in the experience of cleaning dishes felt a 27% reduction in nervousness and a 25% improvement in their “mental inspiration”.

We took this idea of cleaning and self care and ran with it when creating Safely’s cleaning products. From our Everyday Laundry Detergent to our Glass Cleaner each Safely cleaning product smells like a fresh bouquet of flowers to naturally uplift your entire cleaning experience and bring you that much closer to feeling like you are at a spa. 

How To Keep Your House Clean

If you are looking for how to clean your house fast our biggest piece of advice is to create a weekly cleaning checklist and stick to it! Cleaning regularly will save you time in the long run. If you stick to a cleaning schedule your regular cleaning tasks will be much more manageable.

Listen we weren’t all born with the natural talent or inclination to be a clean freak and that's okay! We’ve rounded together some cleaning tips that even the messiest of the messy can follow. 

Start Small

Life can be chaotic, to say the least. So don’t beat yourself up if you can’t get to the entire house or apartment. Try maintaining a clean desk before tackling your kitchen or bathroom. 

Invest in The Correct Tools

Some of us need all the help we can get — invest in cleaning products that make things easy and enjoyable (yes, you can have it all!) 

Pick and choose what your cleaning experience needs from our plant-powered products that are gentle on the plant and you, but tough on all the nasty stuff. 

Or tap into your inner overachiever and try our Clean Freak Kit. This bundle has everything you need to keep you and your home: squeaky clean, smelling fresh, and looking like you’ve really got it together ;)